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Costa Rica Offices:
  • Barrio Los Yoses
  • Street 37, Avenue 8

  • Phone: (506) 2280-0303
  • Fax: (506) 2281-0020

  • P.O BOX 5405-1000
  • San José, Costa Rica

  • email:
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Notary Public Services

• Incorporation, modification, dissolution and liquidation of companies in the corresponding Registries. • All type of contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate, vehicles, ships and businesses. • Preparation, registration, modification and revocation of powers of attorney in the Public Registry. • Preparation and official recording of all kind of contracts, mortgages, mortgage bonds, securities, trusts, and court records. • Processing of successions and other out of court processes. • Services of certification with the authority to attest documents of registration or private information of companies, including the representation of companies and articles of incorporation. • Authentication of signatures and dated documents to be used in Costa Rica or abroad. • Study and analysis of the legal status of properties, vehicles, and ships in the National Registry. • Affidavits, oaths and affirmations. • Entering evidence into records. Assistance and preparation of Notary Public certificates to attest the performance of acts, or to verify facts, places, and circumstances, including the use of modern technological means such as digital photography, video and the Internet with the notary’s authority to attest documents.