Other services
Other services

Other services

ASEJUR offers its clients a variety of services complementary to the traditional legal consultancy; especially the following:

The trust company ASEJUR FIDES S.A. is a subsidiary company of ASEJUR dedicated to the design, establishment and execution of trust agreements. ASEJUR FIDES S.A. is able to act as trustee in almost all type of common fiduciary transactions (guarantee, custody, administration), to receive either by contract or by will all types of properties and rights in fiduciary property and, if necessary, to register them in the corresponding Public Registries as trustee.

Seminars for clients

The lawyers of ASEJUR constantly offer legal seminars, addressed to all type of companies that want to be up to date with the latest changes in the law, case law and practices in the different legal and business areas.

Electronic Bulletin

Our firm periodically sends to those clients who request it an informative bulletin by e-mail, with a summary of the most relevant legal novelties and practices in the business world.

Updating of information

The databases of ASEJUR contain the most updated legal and registry information of our clients and their companies, which is offered immediately when requested.

Custody of documents

Our law firm keeps custody of records, and files securities and legal documents entrusted to us by our clients, as well as their official legal books and records of their businesses.

Continuous work hours and service during Holidays.

ASEJUR attends legal emergencies of companies twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year, by just calling our telephone number, from where it is possible to locate one of the firm’s lawyers promptly. Traditionally, a team of lawyers is kept active during each official holiday period.